Legends: A Superhero Story is an actual play podcast, using the new Legends: Superhero Role Playing Game system, written and created by Jack and Chad Matchette. Set in New Olympus, our story takes place in a world of larger than life heroes and truly terrifying villains - grab your cape and leap into the never ending battle of good vs. evil. It’s time to become, Legends!

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Have you ever dreamed of being in a world where superheroes existed? Well here’s your chance! We would love to hear your hero or villain names to use as NPCs in the show - all you have to do is tweet about the show using #thelegendscast  And who knows? You could end up fighting alongside our heroes... Or we could TAKE YOU DOWN!

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Putting up a super podcast can be costly and we greatly appreciate any and all support from our listeners.

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Meet The Team


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Game Master/Co-Creator

Recording from a far off land, Jack is COMICLY excited to be the Game Master for Legends: A Superhero Story.

Jack has always had a love for RPG’s and game design and for the past three years, he has been working on the Legends RPG book....



Chad is thrilled to be part of this HEROIC journey! When he and Jack started creating the world of New Olympus almost 3 years ago he thought it would be a fun project for them to work on together but it’s quickly tuning into something EPIC!....




Emily is SUPER excited to be one of the players for Legends: A Superhero

Story. She couldn’t be more proud of the work that her father and brother have put into the game and can’t wait for the world to get to know the heroes....




Daniel is a Level 0 (or Level 1 if DnD is more your persuasion) RPGer. IRL he sits pretty firmly in chaotic good territory and favours balanced stats but tends to lack a little on the charisma and dexterity/agility.... 




Amanda is SUPER thrilled to be one of the players of "Legends: A Superhero Story."  A big nerd herself, Amanda has always found the world of TTRPG very intriguing and is so thankful that the Matchette's have invited her to join...


Underscoring Composer

You wanna talk power and responsibility? He’ll crawl all over that web of complexity. You wanna talk the trauma and psychoses of Bruce Wayne? Just try and riddle....



Stefan is an illustrator and Comic creator from Vancouver, British Columbia. He loves guitar riffs, singing peoples names to them, and hates being late for anything

Legends Art by:



Podcast Theme Music by:

Omar Chakor

through Fiverr

  • Instagram - Omar

Select Character Art by:

Rose Davies