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Legends: A Superhero Story is an actual play podcast, using the new Legends: The Superhero Role Playing Game system, written and created by Jack and Chad Matchette. Set in New Olympus, our story takes place in a world of larger than life heroes and truly terrifying villains - grab your cape and leap into the never ending battle of good vs. evil. It’s time to become, Legends!

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Have you ever dreamed of being in a world where superheroes existed? Well here’s your chance! We would love to hear your hero or villain names to use as NPCs in the show - all you have to do is tweet about the show using #thelegendscast  And who knows? You could end up fighting alongside our heroes... Or we could TAKE YOU DOWN!

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Putting up a super podcast can be costly and we greatly appreciate any and all support from our listeners.

The best way to support Legends: A Superhero Story is to pledge your support on Patreon. By doing this, you can gain access to some cool behind the scenes content and more!

Meet the Season Two Team

Season 2 Team
Chad Matchette.jpg

Game Master / Co-Creator


    Chad is thrilled to be part of this HEROIC journey! When he and Jack started creating the world of New Olympus, he thought it would be a fun project for them to work on together but it quickly turned into something EPIC! Chad started playing RPG’s back in high school and has enjoyed introducing them to both his kids over the years. Chad is an accomplished  actor, director, and producer in the Vancouver theatre scene as well as the Co-Owner and Artistic Director of the Lindbjerg Academy of Performing Arts where he is living a lifelong dream of not only working in the arts but also teaching and helping encourage young people to express themselves and find their voice through musical theatre and dance. He is so excited to be able to work on this project with both of his amazing children, Jack and Emily, as well as his good friends Amanda and Daniel. Many thanks and much love to his wonderful wife Erin for her continued support and for putting up with all his crazy ideas :-)

    Morgan Collins.jpeg



      An avid listener of Season One, Morgan is thrilled and humbled to join Legends: A Superhero Story for Season Two! (And he’s thankful his amazing wife is allowing him to!) Both playing and DMing RPGs over the last few years, Morgan is straying away from his usual preference of barbarians and opting for something a little different this time…

      Robin “Coach” Sukorokoff.JPG



        Robin is SUPER thrilled to be one of the players of "Legends: A Superhero Story."  A minor character in the first arc, "Coach" is looking forward all the adventures. Mild mannered sales pro by day...podding...we shall see.

        Robin is so thankful that Chad has invited him to join!

        Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 11.33.07 AM.png



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        Stefan is an illustrator and Comic creator from Vancouver, British Columbia. He loves guitar riffs, singing peoples names to them, and hates being late for anything.

        Cesar Alacron.jpg



          Cesar Alarcon, known online by his nom-de-plume 'Riffke,' is an avid fan of superhero comic books. Having delved into the depths of RPG fantasy realms through Dungeons and Dragons in the 90s, Cesar brings his passion for immersive storytelling to the world of 'Legends'. Inspired by the heroic tales of caped crusaders, he combines his creative flair with his experiences in the Vancouver Film industry, to play his part in the epic narratives that transport our listeners to the extraordinary world of New Olympus. An aspiring writer, Cesar's love for superhuman adventures shines through, making him elated to be part of the world of Legends.

          Natasha Sukorokoff.jpg



            Natasha is SUPER stoked to be a part of the newest season of "Legends: A Superhero Story!" Relatively new on her TTRPG journey, she is currently diving headfirst into the world of DnD and hoping to DM her own campaign following this incredible experience learning from the (G)master himself, Chad Matchette. She is a Kinesiology graduate from UBC, passionate about health and making the world a little better as much as we can every day. She's got a dog named Hazel that she loves more than anything, and enjoys going for daily walks or runs through forests near her house (while listening to medieval fantasy Spotify playlists of course). Known to constantly have RPG podcasts playing while not getting amped for a run, Natasha is also into murder mystery, starting back into writing, and enjoys learning new board games round tiny tables with her friends. Find her at farmers markets, Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings, and wandering looking for cool mushrooms. 

            sayer headshot.jpg

            Underscoring Composer

            SAYER ROBERTS

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            You wanna talk power and responsibility? He’ll crawl all over that web of complexity. You wanna talk the trauma and psychoses of Bruce Wayne? Just try and riddle your way out of that one, it ain’t no joke. You wanna talk the Force? Get them midichlorians outa here, before Han shoots them definitely 100% first. You got D&D on the brain? Roll on up and fill your bag of holding with popcorn for some Bardic yarns. Sayer loves it all, and now he’s bringing that love to creating music to help tell these incredible stories....

            Meet the Season One Team Here

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