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Get to know Jack and Chad as Game Master and Player on our Podcast: "Legends: A Superhero Story"

To say that father and son duo, Chad and Jack Matchette are obsessed with Superheroes would be a massive understatement! Chad began collecting comics as a kid and his enthusiasm grew with every new addition. When he became a father, he was thrilled to share his passion with his son, Jack and the two of them have since spent countless hours playing games, enjoying films, and diving deep into Superhero Lore. Some of their favourite games were City of Heroes, and Villains and Vigilantes which inspired them to create their own TTRPG.
What started as a hobby, turned into a passion project and has since evolved into the founding of MatchPlay Games - a family run game design company that is proud to present, 

LEGENDS: The Superhero Roleplaying Game.

They are both so excited to be sharing this experience with Emily (daughter/sister), Erin (wife/mother) and Hannah (Jack’s awesome girlfriend). They want to thank you for taking the time to check out their game and hope you have just as much fun playing it as they had creating it. Now grab a set of tights and get out there… the world can always use another hero! 



Chad and Jack

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