A photo of Chad and Jack Matchette - both making funny faces and wearing sunglasses

Get to know Jack and Chad as Game Master and Player on our Podcast: "Legends: A Superhero Story"

To say that Chad and Jack (Big Dude and Little Dude) are obsessed with Superheroes would be a massive understatement. Chad first started playing RPG’s back in highschool and was thrilled when Jack showed a passion for them as well as he got older. They have tried many different styles of Superhero games over the years from RPG’s to video games as well as countless hours playing “who would win” on long road trips. Then three years ago they had an epiphany… “Why don’t we make our own Superhero RPG game!” Right then and there LEGENDS was born… well not really, but a tiny kernel of what this has become was formed. They are both so excited to be sharing this experience with Emily (daughter/sister), Erin (wife/mother) and Hannah (Jack’s awesome girlfriend) as well as their good friends Amanda and Daniel. They want to thank you for taking the time to check out our game and hope you have just as much fun playing it as they had creating it. Now grab a set of tights and get out there… the world can always use another hero! 



Chad and Jack