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We can’t begin to express our appreciation for the following people who signed up to play and critique our game. We are so grateful for their feedback and continued support in getting Legends: The Superhero Role Playing Game ready for publication. They are all Legendary in our eyes!


Alan M - Thunderstruck

Amanda L - Tenaris

Andrew F - Mr CandooThatoo

Ben B - The Boss 

Charlie D - Agent Shadow

Colton F - Dark Dagger

Daniel C - The Ferryman 

Dan W - The Wobbler

Dave M - Timme Time

Emily M - Artemis/Ultra Violet/Glitch/Blue Kite

Erin M - Hallucination

Hannah W - Huntress/Ambush/CTR

Jared H - Hangfire

Jason B - Kronos

Josh A - Old Boy

Mark T - The Italian Plumber

Matthew W - Wi-Fire

Megan L - Multa Medic

Nick B - Cosmosis

Robin “Coach” S - Evan Moore 

Trey F - Laddie/Stranger

Tyler B - Atlas

First Pass Editors

Erin M

Hannah W

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