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We are so excited to be joining WAVAW-Rape Crisis Centre again for their Streaming For Survivors event! Mark your calendars ‘cuz The Curfew Crew is returning on March 26 at 1pm PST on Twitch!


WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre provides free-of-charge, gender-affirming support services to survivors of sexualized violence with shared experiences of gendered oppression including cis and trans women and trans, non-binary and Two Spirit survivors. Support services include 24 Hour Crisis Line, victim services, hospital, court, and police accompaniments, and individual and group counselling. Gender-based violence is systemic, and our work goes beyond service provision to advocating for and enacting change within our society to create safer communities. Despite being BC’s largest sexual assault centre, and managing a caseload of more than 300 survivors at any given time, the waitlist to access free-of-charge counselling at WAVAW is almost 2 years long. A donation of $35 funds 1 hour of Crisis Support on WAVAW’s toll-free, 24 hour a day, nation-wide Crisis and Information Line.

Listen to last year's Camp Powers Episode...

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